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Studio 6 Private Training, Training to Fit Your Lifestyle.

A simple approach to your health and fitness. Focusing on our 6 core values - Health, Fitness, Privacy, Personal, Quick and Approachable, we tailor training packages suited specifically to your needs.

We have deep respect for our clients and pride ourselves on building a lasting, genuine rapport with them. By taking the time to understand what makes you tick and where you are in your life we can offer you the right advice and right path to achieve your goals.

In todays world where stigmas surround health and fitness, Studio 6 breaks down the walls of intimidation ensuring we provide the best possible training, to all people, at all ability levels.

That's when having exclusive use of our private studio, where we can work with you in tailored, one-on-one sessions, really make a difference in your life. We offer compact, regularly scheduled sessions that are not only easy to fit into your busy day, but also provide valuvable motivation and healthy stress relief.

Studio 6 is run by husband-wife team Ryan and Kyla Bonniface. With 15 years of experience in the health and fitness industry in New Zealand and around the world, they bring a passion, wealth of knowledge, unique care and family approach to your training.


Studio 6.

Training to Fit Your Lifestyle.