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Studio Six Private Training, Training to Fit Your Lifestyle.

A simple approach to your health and fitness. Focusing on our Six core values - Health, Fitness, Privacy, Personal, Quick and Approachable, we tailor training packages suited specifically to your needs.


Private Training

Training is conducted in our brand new, purpose built studio in Burwood. You have exclusive use of our studio for your entire one-on-one session with us.

We operate Monday - Thursday 6:30am - 7pm and Friday 6:30am - 1pm
$35 per half hour private session

Our personal training is suitable for individuals, pairs or couples and we tailor your workout to fit your lifestyle and your goals. Studio Six prides itself on its private environment breaking down the walls of intimidation ensuring we provide the best possible training to all people at all ability levels.

We focus our workouts around machine, free weight and body weight exercises so you will lose weight and increase your fitness levels. Our varied 30 minute high intensity sessions easily fit in with you and your family.

Along with our group classes we also offer private 8 week challenges, cardio, boxing and power yoga sessions. We offer a complimentary first session and consultation to all new clients.

Power Yoga

Power yoga is a unique style of yoga, which focuses on toning and strengthening the whole body. Whilst also working on conditioning the core and relieving the body of stress - it also helps prevent back and hip pain.

45 minute classes run at St Francis of Assisi School
Monday 4.55pm and 6:35pm
Thursday 5:25pm 

30 minute classes run at Studio Six's Private Studio in Burwood
Tuesday 9:30am 

$16 per class or $108 per month for unlimited Power Yoga and Group Fitness classes

Group Fitness Classes

Our group fitness classes are focused on toning and cardio. Using boxing, body weight exercises, circuit and interval training we ensure enjoyable, motivating classes that get results.
We use a variety of exercises each week so no two sessions are the same. Sessions are easily customised to each individuals ability making them suitable for all levels from beginners to advanced.

45 minute classes run at St Francis of Assisi School
Monday 5:45pm
Wednesday 5:40pm

30 minute classes run at Studio Six's private studio in Burwood
Monday 9:15am 
Friday 9:30am

$16 per class or $108 per month for unlimited Power Yoga and Group Fitness classes


Mobile Personal Training

We can come to your house, local park and take you through a 40 minute high intensity one on one session.

Mobile training price starts from $50 and you can add a training partner for only $5 extra with a maximum two people (prices may vary depending on location and optional extras).

Contact us for further information

Couples Training

For an extra $5 you can train with your husband, wife friend or colleague.

That's $20 each for a 30 minute PRIVATE session. Training with a friend or partner can provide you with valuable motivation to keep moving towards your goals.

We can help create individual and group/partner goals that work alongside each other to create programs that work for you both.


Kyla and Ryan also have vast experience and valuable knowledge in nutrition. We can help you achieve your goals by assisting with eating plans and advice.

Studio Six are also suppliers of Balance protein shakes, Body trim shakes and bars as well as other various nutritional items, all at a great low price.

We have deep respect for our clients and pride ourselves on building a lasting, genuine rapport with them. By taking the time to understand what makes you tick and where you are in your life we can offer you the right advice and right path to achieve your goals.

In todays world where stigmas surround health and fitness, Studio Six breaks down the walls of intimidation ensuring we provide the best possible training, to all people, at all ability levels.
That's when having exclusive use of our private studio, where we can work with you in tailored, one-on-one sessions, really make a difference in your life. We offer compact, regularly scheduled sessions that are not only easy to fit into your busy day, but also provide valuable motivation and healthy stress relief.


Studio Six is run by husband-wife team Ryan and Kyla Bonniface. With 15 years of experience in the health and fitness industry in New Zealand and around the world, they bring a passion, wealth of knowledge, unique care and family approach to your training.

Ryan Bonniface

Personal Trainer
027 635 2396

Kyla Bonniface

Personal Trainer
027 697 1683

Kyla and Ryan



027 635 2396 | 027 697 1683